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Sensorimotor Sequencing

What is sensorimotor sequencing, you may be thinking. It is a way to make trauma pain more tolerable. How it's done is by reflecting on a "slice" or a "sliver" of an experience, whether it be a memory or image that causes a person to feel extreme stress, fear, or terror. The reflection on the sliver actually causes heightened feelings, the ones that are undesired and scary, but sequencing is the process of noticing the body sensations that are activated because of the triggering thoughts or memories and then the process is to follow the body's sensations, so they become more tolerable sensations and therefore a a physical sense that the danger is over is present (Ogden, P., p.545).

Above concept taken from:

Ogden, P. (2015); Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Interventions for Trauma and Attachment, W.W.Norton & Company, Inc., p. 545,

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