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Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Whether we return to normal or not, we have experienced loss and some great loss. Of course, drastically the virus itself may have taken a loved one, or the life of a coworker, or a friend, but the loss of one's small business? Some individuals, or families have been devastated by the loss of their indoor dining and now outdoor dining. What about the simply nuanced loss of getting dressed up and looking forward to wearing your new cologne, or new shoes that go perfectly with your dress and adorning it in a restaurant full of musical atmosphere filled with the clanking sound of dishes in a dining room? That loss is something we all have had taken away from us and then had it given back to us momentarily allowing outside dining, to then have it recently taken away again. This yo-yo experience brings shock, anger, sadness, even depression, and in some cases acceptance, some of the experiences of grief.

COVID grief is real and it's necessary to honor your grief in the form of feeling your emotions when they come up in your body and feel them until they subside; a few minutes is maybe all that's needed until they rise up again the next moment, the next day, or whenever. At that time honor them again. It's important to feel the reality of whatever loss and its meaning and let yourselves grieve your COVID experience. You, your body, and your mind will be better because of the experience.

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